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If you’ve been following along with our recent newsletters, then you know that my wife, Rachel, and I have spent the last nine months excitedly awaiting the arrival of our son Noah, and I’m happy to share that on June 7 at 6:15 p.m., we got to officially meet him for the first time! After waiting for what feels like a millennium for him to make his arrival — I’m sure it felt even longer for Rachel — getting to hold your baby in your arms the moment after they have been born is an indescribable experience. You get to watch as their mom’s stomach gets bigger and see the baby’s little face on the ultrasound screen. But, when you are cradling the baby in your arms, it’s really difficult to put into words how awe- inspiring the feeling is. The only way I can think to describe it is as an extraordinary privilege. Even though Rachel and I couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful face, we eventually got settled in the recovery room and shared him with all our family and friends who waited patiently at the hospital during the delivery. In fact, the support we’ve received from everyone has been unbelievable. The help we’ve received from our families, our close friends, and my clients has been a huge blessing. We are so grateful. As a new dad, I’m still not sure I’ll ever get over the joy of just sitting there and staring at Noah. When I’m not gawking at his adorable face, I’m in constant disbelief at how quickly and naturally Rachel has taken to motherhood. While I never had a

shred of doubt about her capabilities, seeing her in action was enough to prove how wonderful of a mom she will be. Because Noah is so reliant on Rachel for nutrition during these first few months, we’ve been working to find ways I can contribute and give her time to rest. While I try to help out whenever I can, we decided to officially designate bath time for father/son bonding. It’s been really awesome for me because I’ll be at work thinking about how excited I am to get home and see Noah, and then I’ll get in my car, drive home, have dinner with Rachel while Noah finishes his nap, and then I’ll give him a bath followed by a bottle. Fortunately, he loves the bath! The only time he cries is when I have to take him out of the water. But, Rachel has even found a way to make that transition easier by warming his towels in the dryer! Lucky kid! While I only have a couple months of parenting experience, I can already tell it’s going to be one of the greatest adventures of my life. I’m so thankful to Rachel for bringing our handsome baby into this world and for being such an amazing and thoughtful mother to him, to our parents for setting great examples and helping out with their new grandbaby, to all the people who have shown us love and support, and to Noah for picking me to be his dad. I’m having so much fun already.

–Wes White

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