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A Growing Passion for Law

operated as a team. It was always all hands on deck with every case that came their way, and I loved their passion for helping their clients seek and find justice. Not only did they focus on their clients, but they also did their utmost to help the community as a whole. When my internship ended, I kept my fingers crossed that I’d end up back here someday and call this place my forever home. However, I ended up taking a job with a different firm that focused on representing corporations against everyday people — the complete opposite of what I loved about Garcia & Ochoa. I had a hard time being on the defense side rather than on the plaintiff’s side, where I could help people face these big corporations and get the justice they deserve. I worked with that office for almost a full year before I decided that being a defense lawyer wasn’t the correct path for me. It never filled up my heart with purpose, happiness or joy. Shortly after I left that firm, I received a call from Mr. Garcia, who told me that their office had a position open and asked if I would join their team. It was such perfect timing; it felt as though God had put his hand out to me to take this opportunity. I was ecstatic to be back in the office that I had fallen in love with while attending law school.Upon my return, I learned the team was in the middle of working on a big case against a big corporation that wasn’t budging. Being here to witness their win against that corporation solidified my decision; I was in the right place, without a doubt.

When I was growing up, I didn’t think I wanted to become a lawyer. It was never a career that crossed my mind. I always thought I wanted to be a doctor, and I even entered college following this path. However, when I took my mandatory political science classes at the University of Texas-Pan American, I fell in love. That same day, I went home and told my mom that I was changing my major to political science, but I still planned to continue on to medical school. But the more classes I took, the more I was hooked. I felt like giving a voice to other people was something I could do and do well. In one of my classes, I had a professor who had been a lawyer and graduated from Duke University School of Law. The first day, he told the class that this course was going to be exactly like a course from law school, and I excelled. This professor soon became my mentor and told me, “I see you having a future in this.” Through his continued support and encouragement, I realized that I loved this subject too much not to follow it, so instead of going to medical school, I applied and was accepted at St. Mary’s University School of Law. Through the years I spent there, I excelled in every class I took, and everything I learned just made me more certain that I had found my niche. During my time there, I had internships at a few law offices. The first internship I took was with a federal judge, who became another mentor as I pursued this career. I also had the opportunity to intern at the office of Garcia & Ochoa, which felt like home. From the moment I entered this office and started working with the team, I fell in love with what they did, how they handled their cases, and how they

“When my internship ended, I kept my fingers crossed that I’d end up back here someday and call this place my forever home.”

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