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April 2020

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Why I Fight for You

Behind Yale Spector’s Powerful Work Ethic

My understanding of how legal issues can cause stress started at a young age. I used to sit in my father’s law firm and watch very upset people come through the door. Yet, no matter who they were or how serious their case was, they always left the office less upset and worried. I think that’s always been the kind of lawyer I have aspired to be since. It’s fitting that our very first newsletter edition would be in April, or National Stress Awareness Month. It is important now more than ever to find healthy ways to relieve stress. I have found that I relieve stress through running and cooking. Relieving stress is especially relevant to my field. As a lawyer, my job is to resolve your legal problems. I know you want to recover from an injury while keeping up with the dozens of other responsibilities you have. It can be difficult to address your legal problems right away and even more difficult when you can’t find a lawyer to help you. I have a whole family tree of lawyers. My grandfather, father, mother, brother, sister- in-law, and even my wife are all attorneys. Before the Spector Law Group, I spent 12 years working for large medical malpractice firms. Although the legal field as a whole has been proactive with helping victims of negligence or medical malpractice, we would still see people we couldn’t always help. It was frustrating to see people endure terrible economic and legal situations but have little control over whether I could help them. You could say I started my own law firm for that reason.

our conversation. He told me, “If you didn’t agree to help my daughter, it would’ve been so much harder to get through what I’ve just gone through. Thank you so much for supporting her through her legal case.” It’s amazing for me, as a professional and a father, to hear things like that. I hear the relieved concerns all the time: “Nobody else would take my case.” But if you’re a client of Spector Law Group, our goal is to eliminate the stress of whatever legal issue you’re dealing with. The legal process can be lengthy and draining, but we take care of everything so you’ll never feel alone. Once you have us on your side, the best medicine is just to be patient and let us do what we do best: fight for you. Spector Law Group has blossomed beyond anything I ever expected it to. While I hope you never need to endure a legal case, if you do, I hope you’ll allow me to take care of you on this incredible journey.

for what I wanted my law practice to be. Even though I traveled across the nation and met Americans from all walks of life, I wanted to use my law expertise in broader legal fields and take in more types of cases than my firm would let me. My vision matched the lawyer that I saw my dad was, the one who’d help you, no matter how upset you were, and make everything feel a little bit easier. In 2009, I started the Spector Law Group. Since the start, I’ve had the most rewarding experiences when I take cases other firms ordinarily wouldn’t (I even have friends from bigger firms who refer their clients to me). During the start of one case, the father of our client, a young girl, had a severe illness and needed to be hospitalized. We met to discuss his daughter’s case and at the end, this father looked at me and said, “Take care of her.” I assured him I would and that she’d get the best representation I could offer.

When he got out of the hospital, we spoke again. I realized that he hadn’t forgotten about

While I still have many friends in these larger firms, I began to realize I had a particular vision

-Yale Spector

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