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Comparison Shop Like a Champ During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be expensive. Sure, you might describe this time of year with less cynical words like “magical” or “warm,” but unfortunately, most stores don’t accept magic or warmth as legal tender. Whether it be for gifts or for holiday meals and treats, most people want to get the most for their money while saving their time and energy. That’s what makes comparison shopping in the age of technology so worthwhile. In case you didn’t already guess its meaning, “comparison shopping” is simply when you compare prices of the same or similar products at different stores or online retailers. You’ve probably done comparison shopping without knowing you were doing it. However, once you truly embrace the concept, you can increase your savings. Plus, by using the bevy of online price comparison

tools, you can do so without scrambling around to every store in town.

If you want to comparison shop like a champ this holiday season, here are a few general tips.

Be wary of markups. Black Friday can leave you feeling frenzied, and that’s not always when stores have their best deals. In fact, many of them mark up their prices (sometimes “discounting” them back to their regular price) in preparation for that day. It’s a good rule of thumb to be wary of massive “sales” at big retail locations. If you want to know where you can compare prices, take a look at any one of these apps: Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Shopping. com, Idealo, Shopzilla, BuyVia, NowDiscount, ScanLife, or ShopSavvy.

The best deal isn’t always the lowest price. If you’re buying gifts online, be sure to take shipping costs into account. They might end up making the cheaper option more expensive in the end. You should also take a look at the return fees, in case these could drive the price up significantly. Look at the per unit price for food. If you’re buying groceries for Thanksgiving dinner, sometimes the item that’s more expensive at face value is actually cheaper per unit. That can mean you’ll save money overall by buying in bulk.

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