Grant Talley Production Manager, Talley Farms

Grant started spending summers working at his family farm at 12 years old. After high school, he attended Regent University in Virginia where he received his Bachelor of Science in business. After spending some time in Los Angeles, Grant moved home to join the family business. Grant is currently overseeing the growing and irrigation at Talley Farms. He is a board member of the San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau. Journey with Grant through the images below as he shares a little bit more about his life.

“ This is our family at the last Western Growers Annual Meeting in Hawaii. Everyone makes this trip a priority. It’s one of the reasons why my mom loves my dad being a part of Western Growers. ” “ This is a group of us this summer at Mt. Whitney portal, where we officially finished our 226-mile backpacking trip. ”

“ My buddies and me in Scottsdale for a long weekend full of golf and going to bed early. ” “ My dad, brothers and I all enjoy fly-fishing so we try to go at least once a year. My No. 1 rule is that I only fish on rivers that have fish. I’m not a fan of throwing a line at water for five hours. ”

“ Skiing is an annual family tradition. Here’s my brother, dad, grandma and me at Northstar. We have to keep our eye out for Ol’ Granny. She’s trouble on the slopes! ” pretending like I’m harvesting for a promo that never happened. So now I get to use it! ” “ One of the main things that we grow is cilantro. This is me

*Grant is one of nine individuals selected to be in Class 6 of the Future Volunteer Leaders, a program that guides the next generation of leaders within Western Growers member companies interested in becoming more informed and effective advocates for the fresh produce industry.



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