As a benefit to regular shipping members of Western Growers (WG), the Trade Practices & Commodity Services department has assisted members in consultation on sales contracts since 1966. This guidance and education of rights and remedies available to sellers of perishable commodities has been invaluable. As a direct result of this obtainable service, several million dollars per annual calendar year are recovered for WG regular members and millions more saved by members because of a phone call to WG. The Trade Practices & Commodity Services department can lend real-time assistance in many areas including but not limited to PACA reparation and Trust actions, import/export issues, Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) and Produce Blue Book Services inquiries, Good Delivery Guidelines, USDA/CFIA federal inspection analysis, product guaranty statements, review of marketing/sales agent contracts and answering daily questions concerning transportation and arrival problems of produce at contract destination. While most services are included in the Western Growers’ membership, whenever the assistance of the Trade Practices & Commodity Services department is successful in directly impacting the recovery of monies back to the WG regular member, an assessment of 5-10% of the amount collected is charged for rendering the service.

For more information please contact: Bryan Nickerson Manager, Trade Practices bnickerson@wga.com 949-885-2392

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