2. Suspend AB 5 and allow independent truckers to operate in and through California until the supply chain has normalized; 3. Provide flexibility on existing Air Resources and local port drayage truck regulations, and ensure upcoming deadlines on new regulations take into account delays in manufacturing and delivery of new trucks; 4. Suspend local and regional mandates that interfere or limit goods movement, including local prohibitions on unloading goods at stores after hours; and

5. Expedite the California Environmental Quality Act and permitting processes, including conditional use permits, for warehouses, rail line and other critical components of goods movement. What’s next? Unfortunately, this situation remains fluid with no clear end in sight. Based on current projections, we may not see a return to normal until mid-2022, all but guaranteeing tough months ahead for those commodities with peak shipping seasons between September and March. WG continues to track this issue closely, and we encourage you to reach out if your operation is experiencing any supply chain challenges.

BETTER OPTIONS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW A 401(k) designed specifically for the agriculture industry.

The Western Growers Retirement Security Plan (RSP) Advisory Board continually strives to better serve the needs of our RSP employers and participants, which is why we recently selected Northwest Plan Services (NWPS) and Charles Schwab as the new administrator and custodian, respectively, of WG’s 401(k) plan. This new partnership is already yielding immediate benefits! Our goal is simple: To constantly evolve as a plan and enhance our 401(k) capabilities. Our partnership with NWPS and Charles Schwab allows us to add investment options and expand flexibility in the plan’s design. NWPS is the largest Multiple Employer Third Party Administrator in the country with a wealth of experience and tenure among their ownership and employees, and they offer a diverse range of Qualified and Non-Qualified plans with highly competitive fee structures. Charles Schwab, the largest custodian in the retirement industry, brings substantial market expertise, cutting-edge technology, unmatched investment options, and favorable fees and expenses. Together, their unparalleled benefits will allow us to meet your investment needs and ensure the retirement security of your employees.

Western Growers Retirement Security Plan. The Right Choice. The Right Partners. www. w e s t e r n g r o w e r s r s p . c om


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