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JULY 2019



There’s nothing like a vacation to make you feel refreshed! As I said last month, I took a week off to visit my son in London. We saw a soccer match, visited the prime meridian at Greenwich, and toured a fascinating maritime museum. We had a wonderful time, and I saw everything I had planned to see. My favorite destination, as you might have guessed, was the maritime museum, which is home to a number of navel timepieces, including the chronometers the British used to chart the seas in the 18th century. In the past, many of these finely detailed timepieces had fallen into disrepair, but, thankfully, the British realized their value as national treasures! These exquisite apparatuses were built with care and craftsmanship you don’t find today, so I feel fortunate that I got to see them. After returning home from England, I went on my last ski trip for the season. I’m looking forward to the next ski season. If you love skiing as much as I do, it can feel like the next season is years away, but it’s only a matter of months. In the meantime, I’ll get plenty of outdoor time this summer. I have a few camping trips in mind, as well as some hiking and light mountain

climbing. I’d love to scale Mount Shasta or even Mount Rainier, but we’ll see. If all else fails, there’s always Mount Hood! I’m particularly excited for this summer because all three of my boys will be in Portland. My middle son has returned from his trip to Europe, and my oldest son, who spent a month in North Carolina playing in the musical "Grease" (he's a theater actor,) has also returned to town. My youngest son, who recently got a job, wants to buy a motorcycle. I support him, but I do want him to get training and a license before committing. I’ve ridden motorcycles in the past, and I’m thinking I might renew my own license. Maybe we’ll end up going on rides together. Recently at the clinic, I ran a lower back pain workshop. My goal is always to inform our patients and their loved ones about topics that can really impact their physical well-being. Lower back pain can be debilitating, and back injuries are a big deal. If back injuries — even minor ones — aren’t addressed, chronic aches and pains can result. Good posture, for example, can help keep the back in better shape. Many back injuries

occur because of poor posture and, specifically, poor lifting posture.

You have probably heard the phrase, “Lift with your knees and not your back.”This advice can save your back. When you bend at the waist to lift an object, the shape of the spine shifts. Then, when you lift the object, even if it isn’t particularly heavy, weaker muscles in your back carry much of the load. They have to carry the weight of the object and the weight of your upper body as you return to an upright position. That’s a lot of stress on your back muscles and spine. If you’re ever concerned about your back or experiencing lower back pain and can’t find any relief, let us know! You don’t have to continue living in agony. We’re here to answer your questions and help you find that relief.

That’s it for this month. I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

–Paul Kane, P.T., BSC, CMP

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