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At Shuttlesworth Law Firm, we are passionate about every area of law that we practice, from nursing home abuse and neglect to personal injury and product liability. The journey of discovering that passion was long, but it ultimately brought me back to my roots and to a practice I am passionate about. I grew up here in Birmingham, Alabama in a working class family. My father was a police officer, and our forefathers before him had worked in the coal mining industry around Alabama. I attended college in Alabama and received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investments. Afterward, I attended law school at Washington Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. As I began law school, I knew very little of what the practice of law actually involved. Rather, I started on that career path because my teachers thought it would be a good idea, likely because of my fondness for talking and arguing. Trusting that they knew more than I did, I enrolled in law school and focused my studies on corporate and tax law, expecting a career in the world of high finance. After graduation, I was hired to work as a corporate/securities transactional lawyer at a large, prestigious law firm. I spent the next couple years working on corporate mergers and acquisitions, reviewing financial records and filings all over the country, and other similar projects for various corporations, which I found to be wholly unsatisfying. After realizing what it actually meant to be a “corporate lawyer,” I realized I wasn’t passionate about the work I was doing. I simply didn’t have an intense desire to defend corporate America against the public or find new and novel ways to increase corporate profits. Over the next several years, I moved toward trial work, or “litigation,” and began representing individuals who were the victims of corporate greed and abuse. Coming from a working class family, I was very familiar with that sector of the population, and at last, it felt like I was representing my people.

the doors open. While that may sound somewhat precarious, it led me to discover the areas of the law that I really enjoyed, and I

had a lot of success doing this type of work. I found that I particularly enjoyed the challenge of handling cases involving federally regulated industries, such as trucking

companies and nursing homes. I came to understand that the reason our government regulates certain industries is because those industries can create grave dangers for the public and must be regulated to ensure public safety. Understanding and working with these regulations gave me a much deeper understanding of the accidents and incidents I was seeing and made me realize that these tragic cases were more a result of companywide failures than a single act of negligence. For example, I’ve handled numerous cases of tractor trailer negligence, including situations such as a truck failing to properly brake and causing a tragic collision or a trailer crossing over the center line into the path of an oncoming vehicle. While there may be truck driver fault involved, a deeper dive into the inspection, maintenance, and repair records required by safety regulations usually reveal a company failure to ensure safe braking mechanisms, faulty steering components, or a company practice of placing unsafe trucks and drivers on the road. These discoveries in lawsuits serve to hold the company violators accountable and help us obtain verdicts that keep regular folks like you and me safe. This is the work I love because I know it’s the one thing I can do to make the biggest difference for all of us. At Shuttlesworth Law Firm, we strive every day to go above and beyond the bare minimum required to prove a case. We are passionate about leaving no stone unturned and making sure we find every answer in the most difficult of cases, so our clients can get the compensation they deserve and we can have the greatest positive impact on keeping the public safe.

When I first began working for people rather than corporations, I took any sort of case I could handle — anything that I thought would help me keep

–Perry Shuttlesworth

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