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A TIME OF NEW BEGINNINGS — And a Touch of Green

Spring — a time for new beginnings! The trees are getting ready to bud, and soon it will be green all around. That is, just as soon as winter finally rolls out. Back in February, the Pennsylvanian groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, did indeed see his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. Now that we’re in March, most of us have completely forgotten about the Groundhog Day ritual — until next February when we once again wonder when spring will finally arrive. In March, we have more important things to think about. I am, of course, talking about spring cleaning — another ritual many of us take on every year. Homes have a habit of accumulating dust during the winter months. Air circulation isn’t always the best, and many of us heat our homes with fireplaces. Wood-burning and pellet stoves are a common source of winter dust, and when we get it cleared out, we can breathe easier. As you clean and organize your home this spring, don’t forget to clean the often forgotten about utility closet. Dust and other allergens can accumulate in this room, as well. To help keep your home’s air clean, be sure to change the air filter. Also, be sure to schedule routine maintenance on your HVAC system. Spring is generally the off-season, and you can make sure everything is running at peak efficiency before summer. Not only will it help keep your home at just the right temperature later this year, it will also help keep your energy bills down. Though, living in Wisconsin, such a prediction doesn’t mean much either way.

— plus their three dogs. They are still very much in the newlywed phase, having been married last September.

I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone and seeing their new house. I’m also excited to try some Las Vegas dining! While most people go to Vegas for the casinos, I’d much rather try the cuisine. It should be a fun trip! I’m also looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, the big holiday of the month. This year, it’s on a Saturday, which means a lot of people will be doing some extra partying. It’ll certainly be a good excuse to have day where we all wear green at the office — which will probably be the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day. If you haven’t been to the office recently, you may not have met our newest hygienist, Meg. As it happens, she has Irish heritage! More importantly, though, she’s hit it off with our patients. People have been getting to know her during their regular cleanings and checkups. We’re all thrilled she’s a part of the team. Be sure to give her a “hello” when you get the chance. And one last thing: Don’t forget about your New Year’s resolutions! We’re three months into the year, and that’s when most people have completely forgotten what they had intended to accomplish. If you’re one of the many who fall into that category, here’s your reminder to get back on track. Good luck! –Dr. Anthony Butchert

Speaking of summer, I get my own slice of summer this March. I’ll be headed down to Las Vegas for a few days to visit my daughter and her new husband


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