Wellness in Tough Times

Part One: Collaborating with Communities

Choosing Pi lot Locations for the Wel lness in Tough Times Project By Julien Hoffman

WTT Team strategizing the selection of pilot community locations; photo credit: Susan Harris

To select the pilot locations for the WTT project, the team collaborated with Rural Prosperity Nebraska Extension professionals and used data provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following the bomb cyclone in 2019. The team used a rubric created by FEMA that scored combined capacity and vulnerability to determine, through metrics, what affected communities would need to recover. The project funders also requested that the team identify communities that were not featured in the media when disaster struck their area, which naturally left them with less outside assistance than similar areas that received more attention. Taking into consideration all the parameters, the team selected seven locations that spanned the state of Nebraska. The pilot locations include the rural communities of Bassett, Dannebrog, Gibbon, Gordon-Rushville-Hay Springs area, Lynch, Niobrara, and Peru.


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