Wellness in Tough Times

The following insights, actions, and recommendations were based on the survey responses and were shared with the collaborative team:

Insights  Less than half of the respondents said they believed they have the resources available to help them cope with stress.  Work ranked highest on the list of stressors for people. Work was also the top way people coped with their stress.  More than half of respondents shared that they do not have the resources to help them cope with stress. Actions: Nebraska Extension should consider launching a high-touch messaging campaign that highlights the resources available to Nebraskans, how to access them, and the difference those resources could make in the lives of those who engage with them. The TIF report (2020) also suggested that Nebraska Extension has experts who can share practical strategies for managing stress and the capacity to start conversations around how people manage stress. Encourage conversations in programs to encourage the audience to take action. Example of a prompt in a media message: “X% of Nebraskans surveyed do not manage their stress well. Do you manage your stress well? Hear from Nebraska Extension experts about practical strategies for how to manage stress.” Insight  Nebraskans generally seem uncertain that stress and mental health are related. Action: To address this uncertainty, Nebraska Extension can play a central role in better defining the relationship between the two, leading to improved mental and physical health for Nebraskans. Insight  These findings suggest that many things—like financial management, time management, and lack of entertainment—cause stress. Actions: Nebraska Extension can develop a speaker/event series that addresses the need for entertainment, dives deeper into various stressors, and shares resources and activities that can improve quality of life through strategies for stress management, coping, and overall wellness. Nebraska Extension can also promote a more holistic understanding of wellness that could help Nebraskans better manage stress. Insight  To meet Nebraskans’ desire to learn through experience, consider developing resources, events, and courses that incorporate hands-on learning in a virtual environment. If the workshop will be virtual, consider sending “preparation kits” before the workshop with tools, instructions, or materials for people to use while they learn.


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