Wellness in Tough Times

Actions: Nebraskans would consider using free resources to help them manage stress and promote wellness. When developing messages about mental health and stress-related resources, be sure to highlight the direct benefits individuals can expect by engaging with stress-management and related resources that promote wellness. Also consider broadening the placement of resources to include such locations as the local hospital, pediatricians’ offices, and pharmacies. Nebraska Extension should continue to diversify its outreach and engagement approaches to include email, direct mail, text messages, and social media posts for the communications they share with the target audience. Insights  Half of those surveyed said they were unaware that stress management resources are available. Yet most of the respondents said they would use such free resources.

 Email, direct mail, and newsletters are the most preferred methods for receiving information.

The TIF team shared the following recommendations based on the survey responses:

 Consider launching a campaign to amplify communications around the stress and wellness- related resources that Nebraska Extension has available. In the deployment of this campaign, vary the methods of communication to include email, direct mail, newsletters, social media, and texts. In addition, consider collaborating with local health-related organizations (e.g. hospitals, clinics, pediatricians, pharmacies, etc.) to strategically place messages in settings where Nebraskans are predisposed to think about their health. Use findings from this research to develop messages that resonate with the target audience (TIF, 2020)  Work never stops for farmers. There are no eight-to-five office hours; agricultural commodities do not recognize holidays; and many farmers are the sole proprietors of their farm business. It is obvious that such a never-ending cycle of work and worry does not promote wellness. Because Nebraska Extension has specialties in health and farm business, there are opportunities to help farmers understand the connection between mental and physical health. Nebraska Extension can work with farmers to identify ways they can prioritize self-care.  When developing messages about resources, events, or workshops, ensure that the personal benefits of participation are at the forefront. Use boldface, larger typeface or a list to call out these benefits clearly. This survey shows many Nebraskans already feel they do not have enough time in the day to get things done. To improve engagement with Nebraska Extension materials and event attendance, make sure people know what they can expect to gain—or what they risk losing—if they do not engage or attend. Reference Trust in Food: A Farm Journal Initiative (2020). Community-informed research for improving the delivery of virtual resources promoting wellness and stress management [Unpublished]


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