Wellness in Tough Times

Lessons Learned  Very few rural residents responded to the email survey. Gift card incentives were offered by the Extension Foundation, but even after those were promoted, few survey responses were received. Future surveys could use additional methods for gaining information, including following up on emails with phone calls.  The information gained from the TIF survey reaffirmed the results from the needs assessment shared at HHD 2019.  A comment was shared with our team that one of the respondents to the TIF survey felt our “Start the Conversation” bulletin was too feminine. This was something we had not encountered before but will take into consideration when creating future resources.

Extension Foundation Health and Wel lness Survey By Soni Cochran

To gain more responses for the TIF survey, “Community-Informed Research for Improving the Delivery of Virtual Resources Promoting Wellness and Stress Management,” the Extension Foundation offered to send the same survey to another email database of a small group of farmers in the WTT pilot locations.  Twenty-one email addresses on the Extension Foundation database matched the WTT pilot locations.

 The survey was delivered to the database email addresses four times.

 Eight responses were received. Fifteen people who received the email opened it and read it. Six people did not open any of the emails. Although a formal comparison of the results between the Extension Foundation survey and the TIF survey were not completed, similarities were noted between the two assessments. This information was shared informally with the collaborative team working on the assessments. Lessons Learned  The TIF and Extension Foundation survey results reaffirmed the 2019 HHD survey results.  It would be interesting to see what the reasons are for low email survey response rates. Is it the subject of the survey and challenges due to stigma, timing, or mode of delivery to rural residents?


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