Wellness in Tough Times

“Overcoming Harvest Stress”

“Wellness in Tough Times”

 Current mental well-being and wellness program needs in counties (ranked):

1. stress management

2. resilience building for children and youth

3. financial management education

4. connecting individuals and families with mental health resources

5. community capacity building

6. suicide prevention

Lessons Learned  In March 2020, the global pandemic completely shifted the capacity of our colleagues and our programs to provide outreach. All of our Nebraska Extension colleagues had to readjust their priorities and program delivery.  It would be interesting to see if the global pandemic has changed the needs for mental well- being and wellness programs now as compared to the 2019 list of needs.

Connect Extension Chat By Julien Hoffman

One unique form of gathering information that the WTT team members were not aware of before beginning the New Technologies in Agricultural Extension (NTAE) project was hosting a Connect Extension Chat. This is an hour-long live virtual chat room where the host posts several prompts to participating Extension faculty and other professionals from across the country that are interested in the theme or subject matter. This question and answer format allows for exploratory discussions on the topic at hand and a way to easily brainstorm and share resources with other professionals who may be working on a similar project or looking for ideas. The process of solidifying a theme, drafting questions, and then facilitating the discussion in real time seemed overwhelming for the team initially, but once they began preparations it was a simple and enjoyable experience. The amount of preparation beforehand was manageable and well worth it, with the valuable information and advice that we received.


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