Wellness in Tough Times

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Quarterly Newsletter By Soni Cochran

Modeled after the “Start the Conversation'' bulletins, the initial target audience for the Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) quarterly newsletter is the community advocates in the pilot WTT locations. This N2N Toolkit is supported by New Technologies in Agricultural Extension (NTAE), which extends the resources in this eFieldbook to communities. The N2N will feature the WTT projects in each community using stories shared by residents, photos, and a resource list to inspire other communities to consider a similar project in their community. The N2N will highlight upcoming community events and educational programs. N2N will feature timely resources focused on topics like safety, disaster preparedness, engaging with media, and more. There will also be opportunities for community advocates to network with one another to share ideas, challenges, and opportunities.

The first issue of N2N is planned to be available online and in print late fall 2021.


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