Wellness in Tough Times

Podcasts By Julien Hoffman

Podcasts are another way to reach people, using audio streaming over the internet. Depending on your device, you can also download podcasts to listen to when you are not online. This is all about meeting people where they are and in a format that is convenient for them. The WTT team worked with Dr. Christine Chasek, LIMHP, LADC, a professor and licensed counselor at the University of Nebraska-Kearney to create audio recordings on selected topics related to rural stress and wellness. She was identified specifically as a strong candidate to help produce the podcasts, because she has a rural background and could understand the unique stresses of rural life first-hand. Media specialists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln worked with her to create a video series via Zoom and they simply pulled the audio to create a podcast version of each video created. This was a very manageable way to create digital content during the COVID-19 pandemic and it would also be useful when collaborating with individuals who are geographically distant. We feature a podcast, “Ag State of Mind,” on the Rural Family Stress and Wellness website. It’s hosted by Jason Medows, who discusses mental health in the agricultural industry. He interviewed a team member about our disaster experience and considerations for sleep health as it relates to mental health and safety. “I’ve enjoyed all my guests equally,” Jason says, “but I reflect upon this interview the most. ... recording this episode changed my perspective on sleep and I am grateful.” Lessons Learned  Marketing podcasts can be difficult; do not be afraid to outsource promotion ideas.  Consider all your options for platforms to distribute your podcasts carefully.

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