Wellness in Tough Times

Videos By Soni Cochran

The WTT team worked with a local production company to create a video featuring three rural families and the challenges they faced. A farmer who was affected by the 2019 bomb cyclone, a young family that lost livestock and equipment in a fire, and a farm spouse concerned about her husband’s mental well-being and farm stress. The video shared supportive resources and messages of hope. Initially, the target audience for the video were thousands of farmers renewing their pesticide applicators license at training throughout the state. It is also available on the Rural Family Stress and Wellness website and on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's MediaHub (UNL MediaHub). A rural stress resource video created to loop on a monitor at HHD was created with permission from the Ag Health & Safety Alliance. They developed the first part of the video and allowed us to integrate the second half to be customized for Nebraskans. Nebraska Extension Educator Chuck Burr shared his candid thoughts and experiences on the importance of mindfulness and mental well-being and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chuck’s message was powerful, and it was an important call to action as a reminder that there are times when reaching out for help is necessary.

N Field Observations: Mental Health and Stress



A specific channel was set up on the UNL MediaHub for all the videos and podcasts available from the team. UNL MediaHub provides transcription and closed captioning to make sure these resources are accessible. See the rest of the videos on the Rural Family Stress and Wellness Channel on the UNL MediaHub. Lessons Learned  Script your own videos to ensure the correct messaging and imagery are being used. Be clear about what your vision for the finished product is rather than leaving it up to the creator.

 Reach out to colleagues who may want to share their personal experiences using video.

 Make sure transcriptions and closed captioning are included on every video.


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