Wellness in Tough Times

The WTT team believes what you do every day can make a difference! Photo credit: Soni Cochran

This is also a good opportunity to remind everyone to practice self-care. Compassion fatigue is real, and it is important to reach out when you need help. Set aside time to practice self-care and make it part of your routine. During this project, our own colleagues were affected by disasters and the global pandemic. It was vital to acknowledge these effects on the mental well-being of our own team as we worked on the WTT project together. Lessons Learned  Working in rural communities affected by disaster takes time—plan on years. This is a marathon.  Do not attempt this journey on your own. Reach out to partners with similar goals, expertise, and resources, creating a force multiplier.

 Be strategic. Plan on having to adapt to changing circumstances that are out of your control.

 Empower the community to help strengthen their resilience, whether that is preparing for the next storm or providing supportive resources and outreach to reduce the stigma around mental well-being.


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