Wellness in Tough Times

 increased mental health awareness

 decreased behavioral health stigma

 increased use and/or awareness of behavioral health support resources

WTT strives to bring social togetherness to light as a valuable and acceptable way to improve mental health. Each community is unique, and the processes involved will differ. The toolkit features potential projects, events, and resources that communities can customize based on mental health and wellness needs of area residents. The toolkit will provide resources to reach youth, adults, seniors, tribal members, and underserved audiences. It is the goal of this toolkit project that by engaging in community events, projects, and conversations, rural residents will benefit by reducing the stigma surrounding mental well-being. The Wellness in Tough Times Toolkit is one of eight projects funded by the 2020 National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) New Technologies in Agriculture Education NTAE grant through Oklahoma State University, which is implemented by the Extension Foundation. Additional information about the WTT program is on the Rural Family Stress and Wellness website.


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