City of Lewiston 2023 Summer Magazine & Program Guide

2. Date: Monday, May 22, 2023 | Time: 3 PM | Location: Bell Building, 215 D Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 | Topics: Human Resources and Rate Proposals 3. Date: Monday, June 12, 2023 | Time: 3 PM | Location: Bell Building, 215 D Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 | Topics: Nez Perce County Shared Programs 4. Date: Monday, June 26, 2023 | Time: 3 PM | Location: Bell Building, 215 D Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 | Topics: Police, Fire, Community Development, Legal, Legislative, Executive, Transit 5. Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2023 | Time: 5:15 PM | Location: Bell Building, 215 D Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 | Topic: Public Works 6. Date: Thursday, June 29, 2023 | Time: 5:15 PM | Location: Bell Building, 215 D Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 | Topics: Parks, Recreation, Facilities, Library, and Budget Wrap Up The City encourages community members to attend these work sessions to learn more about the budget and provide feedback on important issues to help shape the decision-making process. Don't miss these opportunities to have your voice be heard!

fiscal year budget, which is currently being developed, is tentatively scheduled for August 14, 2023.

Official Reading of the Budget

Under Idaho law, the proposed budget of the municipality must be read aloud into the official record. As of the current schedule, three readings of the proposed budget, which is currently being developed, are slated to take place on August 14th (same meeting as the public hearing), August 21st, and August 28th. Once the budget has been approved and formally entered into the record, the City will announce the official budget by publishing an ordinance on its official website and in various other locations, including the local newspaper. Typically, this occurs in September, ahead of the new fiscal year that commences on October 1st. Official Publication of the Approved Budget

Financial Audit

Each year during the budget cycle, an independent auditor examines the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) to verify compliance. The ACFR provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the City's financial condition. This process represents another aspect of checks and balances in local governance, ensuring the City's transparency in budget reporting and responsible use of taxpayers' money. The City of Lewiston has demonstrated compliance with these standards for many years, earning the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting for twenty-one consecutive years. This prestigious national award recognizes the City's adherence to the highest standards in preparing local government financial reports.

Budget Guides

After the work sessions are completed, the City will publish two budget guides. One guide contains the proposed budget, which is quite lengthy, while the other is a more condensed version of the proposed budget. The more condensed version is designed to provide the information that most residents seek from the City and breaks down the information in an easy-to-understand manner. It also includes special interest articles regarding future projects that are outlined in the proposed budget.

Public Hearing Process

When the budget guides are made available to the general public, a Public Hearing Notice is also published in various locations, including the local newspaper. The public hearing is an opportunity for community members to comment on the proposed budget. Its purpose is to enable citizens to express their views on the budget and provide feedback to the governing body. At the hearing, individuals can ask questions, offer comments, or voice concerns about the impact of the proposed budget on themselves or the community. The governing body will take into account the feedback received from the public before finalizing the budget. Public hearings are crucial to the budgeting process, as they promote transparency and accountability of government entities to their constituents. The Public Hearing for the proposed

Continued Budget Engagement

Apart from the budget guides mentioned earlier in this article, the City regularly announces the projects it funds across the community and may organize public events to gather feedback as new projects and issues arise. The City may also conduct public forums during the revision of its Strategic Plan, which plays a significant role in budget planning. The Strategic Plan is a comprehensive and long-term plan that establishes the goals, objectives, and necessary actions to direct the City's growth and development. Explore the City's financial transparency portal and other regularly updated financial materials to stay informed about the budget. As a valued member of the community, your engagement helps the city fulfill its mission of providing quality services.

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