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N amed after Colorado’s official admission into the United States in 1876, State 38 Distilling seeks to bring the mystique surrounding the state into its unique brand of spirits. Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Don Hammond, owner and managing partner at State 38, is proud to offer customers a drink worthy of the view.

State 38 Distilling Corporate Center 400 Corporate Circle, Suite B Golden, CO 80401


Even now, as State 38 looks to expand, St. John works with them to find a fit for their unique requirements as a distiller. Hammond is grateful for the individual attention that they offer: “There’s not a rigidity to what we want to do, even if it’s a little bit creative,” said Hammond. “They’ve been willing to listen and work with us and solve those problems as they come up for us as a business.” While Hammond expects challenges to occur, he’s found nothing to complain about with St. John. “I live by a philosophy that I don’t expect problems not to happen. I always expect problems to happen because that’s just life,” said Hammond. “My big indicator of success is: What do you do when a problem happens? How do you solve that problem? How do you work together? How do you figure it out? And the folks at St. John have done a good job with us.” “We’ve been able to conduct our business and do what we do, and have a space to do it in that is conducive to what we need as a business.” – Don Hammond

State 38 offers seven different products on a routine basis, four of which are whiskies and three tequilas. They pride themselves on doing their own fermentation, distillation and storage locally in Colorado, specifically Golden. To Hammond’s knowledge, State 38 is the only distillery to do so for agave spirits. One of their most unique and best-selling spirits is their añejo tequila. Aged in medium-charred and toasted new North American white oak barrels for over 12 months, this tequila drinks like a smooth whiskey. Often called their fifth whiskey, Hammond even recommends this drink to customers who have had bad experiences with tequila. “I usually say, well, there’s two things that are different about this experience,” Hammond said. “One: you’re not in college, and two: it’s not José Cuervo. They’re quite surprised and pleased. It’s smoother and more refined than a lot of other tequilas.” State 38 also puts out two special releases a year, one around the holidays and another for Colorado Day — the day that Colorado became a state in 1876 — on August 1. On that day, they offer a special barrel-strength, barrel pick whiskey. The tasting room of State 38 leans into the western feel of Golden’s history, but Hammond tries to make it as warm and cozy as possible. With a beetle kill pine bar

top and flooring, leather seats and couches and old whiskey barrels for tables, people are often surprised to find such a warm, specialized place in the middle of a corporate center. Hammond says the building’s location was a key factor in choosing to lease here. Being in Golden was really important to them, and it has helped them hone in on the authentic, adventurous theme. Many visitors come year-round to and from the mountains. State 38’s location right off of Interstate 70 is very convenient for those travelers, as well as for their suppliers and vendors. Another reason Hammond decided to lease with St. John was the economical prices. As a startup business, prices were a top concern, and St. John has been moderately priced from day one. “There’s a lot of folks that tend to gouge when circumstances occur in the market, and I certainly would not characterize that with St. John at all,” said Hammond. “I think they’ve been reasonable in looking at the realities of the market but also keeping those increases economical for us as a business.” The flexibility St. John offers has been pivotal to State 38 as well, especially during the pandemic. Although the property State 38 occupies would typically not allow outdoor seating, St. John worked with them to allow it for a time, in order to meet local social distancing requirements.



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