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I n Ashburn, Virginia — no ocean in sight — sits a brewery whose logo is a rhinoceros with a surfboard on its back. “Rhino chaser” is a surfing term referring to someone out to find the best waves, a true adventurer, and that’s exactly the vision Matt Hagerman wanted to execute with Lost Rhino Brewing Company.

Lost Rhino Brewing Company Ashburn Technology Park 21730 Red Rum Drive, Suite 142 Ashburn, VA 20147


Hagerman knows it can be stressful living in a place labeled Data Center Alley, so he wants to offer people a chance to take their minds off the stress of daily life. “There’s a lot of high tension around here, so we want to make sure that people have a place to come relax, enjoy the beer, the food, the entertainment. That was always our vision from the beginning,” said Hagerman. In designing the space, Hagerman sought to bring the energy of Southern California to the east coast. During his own trips to San Diego, Hagerman fell in love with the inviting environment he encountered. Now he plays reggae and SoCal rock at Lost Rhino and tries to recreate that engaging outdoor adventure atmosphere. Adapting to each new wave of life has been a pivotal mindset in keeping Lost

Rhino up and running the past two years. They had the well-timed benefit of installing a patio just before COVID-19 struck, which has helped them maintain flexibility. The further addition of a covered stage opened up the possibility for entertainment — rain or shine — giving everyone a place to relax with family, friends and even their dogs. Hagerman’s time with St. John Properties started in 2009 when he happened to drive down a road in Ashburn that he had not seen before, with a name that intrigued him: Red Rum Drive. Fortunately, he saw a St. John Properties’ sign and spoke to them that day about finding a space for his brewery. The support of St. John Properties has gone a long way in making Lost Rhino

the best that it can be. “It’s relationship driven; I’ve been fortunate to have really good relationships with St. John’s management over the years, and I’ve seen that not be the case with other landlords in other areas,” said Hagerman. “They’ve really helped to make sure that we all succeed at the end of the day, and that’s the most important thing.” The collaborative nature of the relationship with St. John Properties has been indispensable to the growth of Lost Rhino. Hagerman has found that as long as he is upfront about everything the company has going on, St. John has been more than willing to work with them throughout the years. “This has been a big opportunity for both of us,” said Hagerman, “We’ve both grown in the space together as a team.”



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