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June 2019


Looking Back on Father’s Day Life Is Fragile

Father’s Day holds a very special place in my heart. This time of year always brings me back to an incredibly trying time that still chokes me up whenever I think about it. Almost 16 years ago, a very serious accident with my only son temporarily derailed my entire life. As any parent can attest, this was my worst nightmare. The thought of my boy being injured by more than a knee scrape was enough to keep me up at night. Fortunately, he is still here to bring us joy every day. Here at Mailly Law, we know what matters. Whether it’s your family, your business, or everything in between, we realize how fragile our lives can be. That’s why we work tirelessly to offer our clients the best legal counsel available, because you never know what might be around that next corner. This Father’s Day, just like every Father’s Day for the past decade and a half, I am taking the time to count my blessings. After the Angels won the World Series in 2002, our area was on fire for baseball. That’s why it was so special for me to take my son to a home game on Father’s Day in 2003. He was able to take part in a special ceremony during the game through his involvement with our local Little League. After being in the dugout before the game and demonstrating his vocal abilities, he was chosen to announce, “Play ball!” In the fourth inning, he got the chance to announce the batters coming to the plate over the PA system. I can’t explain how proud I was of my boy. The thing is, I think he was just as proud of himself. We cannot underestimate how much kids look up to their hometown teams. To get the opportunity to announce those batters over the loudspeaker is a memory we will never forget. I found myself replaying that day over and over in my head in the following weeks just trying to hold on to what joy that special memory brought to our only child.

After the memory of the game faded a bit, I packed my son an ice chest and sent him off to his first day of surf camp on July 1. After his lunch, he paddled out on the water, where he was struck in the head by a surfboard. Unfortunately, the world of surfing sees plenty of these injuries, but by some miracle, he was able to find his way back to shore after the impact. His instructors sat him down with the ice pressed firmly against his head, not out of the norm for surfing, and that simple act may have saved his life by slowing the bleeding on his brain. Nobody had any idea of the trouble we were in for. Upon picking him up from camp that day, he told me what happened. I called his pediatrician who had us come in immediately. The doctor performed a few simple tests and told me to let him nap for no more than an hour at a time. It sounded innocent enough, so I wasn’t overly worried about it. Then, after we got home and I went to my home office, I heard my son falling against the walls. That’s when I found my son loosely dangling from the bathroom door jamb, essentially passed out. I laid him down. He was out cold, his eyes rolled back lifelessly. I have never been more terrified. After getting him to the emergency room, we quickly learned the severity of the situation. They sat us down with a grief counselor as our son underwent three hours of brain surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain. Those were the longest three hours of my life. The impact had caused an epidural hematoma, causing his brain stem to become totally distended. After we got word he was out and in recovery, he was moved to the ICU where we could visit him. I had never seen so many machines and lines hooked up to one person.

road to recovery. A year later, through a lot of hard work and answered prayers, he was back to the life he loved. Although he could never really be the same after something like that, we helped him walk that journey every step of the way. We didn’t ask for this, but we did the best we could, and we weren’t alone. The Angels heard about what happened and sent some jerseys to help keep his spirits up, including one from his favorite player, Scott Spiezio. Today, my son is still around to tell the tale, and I’m still around to remember every moment of that horrifying ordeal. At the end of the day, it was a lesson in appreciation. Sometimes we can overlook the good days and focus on the bad ones, but not us. We will always have challenging experiences, and we will always have each other to fall back on no matter what. Throughout our journey, I just kept thinking back to that day at the Angel’s stadium. Fatherhood is never easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That’s something I always try to remember. Have a blessed Father’s Day and enjoy every moment you have with your children.

-Guy Mailly

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