Hands For Living: Relief From Hand Injuries


Getting Back on Track After a hand injury or surgery

Having a hand, wrist or arm injury can really set you back and not just in the short term. Everyday, you use your hands and arms to do thousands of tasks that we often take for granted. Frombrushing your teeth to cutting up your food, your hands and arms do a lot of work. That is why, when an injury occurs or after a needed surgical procedure, hand therapy is vital to get your joints and muscles moving properly again. After an injury or surgery, right away muscles begin to waste, joints become stiff and swelling happens. The hands are a very difficult place for swelling to leave from and it typically takes quite some time for it to resolve. Depending on the type of injury or surgery, putting the arm or wrist in a cast or brace may be required. This helps the tendons, ligaments or bones affected, to heal in a natural position. The downside is that you don’t do all those normal movements you need to be doing each day. Everything becomes stiff and weak. However, the right therapy can increase your movement and strength back to normal.



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