Ball and Young Underlay - IMO Certificate MED B

Page 3 / 3 Certificate number: 44623/A1 MED

4.4 - The products may be applied over any low flame-spread floor covering, steel or non-combustible material.

5. PRODUCTION SURVEY REQUIREMENTS: This certificate alone does not allow the applicant to issue the Declaration of Conformity and to affix the mark of conformity (wheelmark) to the products corresponding to this type. To this end, the production-control phase module D "Production Quality Assurance" or E "Product Quality Assurance" or F "Product Verification" of Annex II of the Directive is to be complied with and controlled by a written inspection agreement with a Notified Body.

6. MARKING OF PRODUCT: 6.1 - Reference is made to MED 2014/90/EU chapter 2.

In particular Article 10.3 specifies that the wheelmark shall be followed by the identification number of the Notified Body involved in the production control phase (module D, E or F) and by the year in which the mark is affixed (4 digits or last 2 digits). 6.2 - In pursuance of the EU/US MRA+, and in accordance with the Council Decision 2004/425/EC of 21 April 2004, the product(s) marked as per MED 2014/90/EU may be marked with the USCG conformity marking as authorized by the Notified Body undertaking surveillance module. 7. OTHERS: 7.1 - It is BALL & YOUNG (VITAFOAM) Ltd 's responsibility to inform shipbuilders or their sub-contractors of the proper methods of fitting, use and general maintenance of the approved equipment and the conditions of this approval.

7.2 - This Certificate supersedes EC Type Examination Certificate n°44623/A0 EC issued on 11/04/2016 by the Society.


The electronic version is available at: BV Mod. Ad.E 536 June 2017

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