Ball and Young Underlay - IMO Certificate MED B

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Certificate number: 44623/A1 MED File number: ACI1310/108/001 Item number: MED/3.18c

USCG Module B number: 164.117 / EC2690 This certificate is not valid when presented without the full attached schedule composed of 7 sections

Notified Body 2690 - MARINE EQUIPMENT DIRECTIVE 2014/90/EU

EC TYPE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE as per Module B of Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 as transposed in the French Regulations and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/306 of 06 Feb. 2017

This certificate is issued to: BALL & YOUNG LTD. CORBY - UNITED KINGDOM

for the type of product SURFACE MATERIALS AND FLOOR COVERINGS WITH LOW FLAME-SPREAD CHARACTERISTICS: FLOOR COVERINGS Floor Coverings / Carpet underlays - Type "CAST IRON FR / CONTRACT 6 mm FR / CRUISE LINER FR" and type "Cloud 9 Flame Retardant 6 / Cloud 9 Flame Retardant 8"

Requirements: SOLAS 74 convention as amended, Regulations II-2/3, II-2/5, II-2/6, II-2/9, X/3

IMO Res. MSC.36(63) -(1994 HSC Code)- as amended, 7 IMO Res. MSC.97(73) -(2000 HSC Code)- as amended, 7 IMO Res MSC.307(88) -(2010 FTP Code)- IMO MSC/Circ.1120

This certificate is issued on behalf of the French Maritime Authorities to attest that Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore did undertake the relevant type-examination procedures for the product identified above which was found to comply with the relevant requirements of the Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 as transposed in the French Regulations.

This certificate will expire on: 11 Apr 2021

For Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Notified Body 2690, At BV LONDON, on 10 Nov 2017, Spencer Yule

This certificate does not allow to issue the Declaration of Conformity and to affix the mark of conformity (wheelmark ) to the products corresponding to this type. To this end, the production-control phase module (D, E or F) of Annex II of the Directive is to be complied with and controlled by a written inspection agreement with a notified body. This certificate remains valid until the date stated above, unless cancelled or revoked, provided the conditions indicated in the subsequent page(s) are complied with and the product remains satisfactory in service. This certificate will not be valid if the applicant makes any changes or modifications to the approved product, which have not been notified to, and agreed in writing with Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. Should the specified regulations or standards be amended during the validity of this certificate, the product(s) is/are to be re-approved prior to it/they being placed on board vessels to which the amended regulations or standards apply. Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore is designated by the French Maritime Authority as a "notified body" under the terms of the French Regulations Division 140 Chapter 140-2. This certificate is issued within the scope of the General Conditions of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore available on the internet site Any Person not a party to the contract pursuant to which this document is delivered may not assert a claim against Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore for any liability arising out of errors or omissions which may be contained in said document, or for errors of judgement, fault or negligence committed by personnel of the Society or of its Agents in establishment or issuance of this document, and in connection with any activities for which it may provide.

The electronic version is available at: BV Mod. Ad.E 536 June 2017

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