APOSTROPHE TO PLEDGES All you depressed Pledges,

Remember March, the Ides of March! For it will mark your passing, To a higher place, with other men, In friendship, lifelong lasting. If next year, you still want to, And your anger has not cooled, You will have the chance you crave for, To multilate new-born fools.

Who feel the swing of paddles, They all have rounded edges, To fit as would a saddle. Meet all the orders of members. Think not of the howling mirth, For it all, like dying embers, Will drift from off the earth.


IGA is the organizing force for the fraternities, auxiliaries, and sororities. IGA itself holds func– tions as well as holding combina– tion events for the Greeks them– selves.


L to R: ROW 1, Diana Koczon, Kate Wallace, Lametree McElveen, Desiree Breckenridge, Pat Johnson ROW 2, Michelle Lansberry, Yvonne Green, Bob Triqilio, Judy Collings, Doreen Cristello, Nancy Wagner, Tami Reichmeyer ROW 3, Xandra Zealey, Grace Saradeno, Tom Lucaro, Mike Brady, Dan Hughes, Kenny Jones. '


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