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Babin (Football), Dave Reimers (Men's Cross Country and Secretary), Bob Slate (Lacrosse and President), and George R. Lewis III (Men's Track and Field). Missing: Janet Cerro (Women's Tennis), Barb Cronin (Women's Swim– ming), Bill Draves (Men's Swimming), John Klossner (Men's Basketball), and Karen Sliwinski (Women's Cross Country),

ROW 1: Linda Chilson, Linda Smith (Women's Track and Field), Patty Col· lins (Women's Soccer), Lisa Ann Wind (Volleyball and Treasurer), Jean Marie Fiske (Women's Basketball and Vice-President), Ann Korhummel (Women's Softball), Fred Hartrick (advisor). ROW 2: Howard McAdam (advisor), Bob Noe (GolO, Stephen Killian (Men's Soccer), Phil Davis (Men's Tennis), Mike

A Fieldhouse: Yes? No?

For the past decade, there has been a discussion amongst the Bu– falo State College community about the need and practicality of a field– house. That's how the lines generally fall, too: Pro-fieldhouse individuals are concerned with need; those who are against its construction are cur– ious as to where it will be built. This year, the flames of heated opinion were fanned higher by the efforts of USG, which initiated a pe– tition drive in order to boost support for fieldhouse construction. And it appears this heated debate will continue. The college's recrea– tional facilities are operating at 180 % of capacity. BSC is one of the largest SUNY campuses, but it doesn't have the recreational facili– ties that some of its smaller SUNY relatives enjoy. Ironically, BSC's ath– letic program compares better than these other institutions. But, as crowding increases, for how long? Of course, if this sports complex were to materialize, whereabouts would it be erected? Questions. Fieldhouse/ISS

consist of reviewing departmental decisions such as the hiring and fir– ing of coaches and athlete discipline. This year the Board voted unnani– mously to drop the Women's Bowling team from Varsity to Club status sav– ing the' Athletic expenditure of two thousasnd dollars. Poor try-out and attendance was the reason for the Boards action. The Atheltic Board reviews each team budget and assesses funds for items such as coaching salaries, equipment, food and lodging, and transportation. The budget is then sent to U.S.G. for further review. Co-opera~ion and respect is the boards reputation, and it is by far the best and most productive Athletic Board this campus has seen in a long time.

The Athletic Board is a service or– ganization. Bob Slate heads this highly organized group who make spectators at Buffalo State athletic events welcome. Candy and pop sold during basketball games and soon football games are money-raising ac– tivities. Other money-raising adven– tures was the sale of Christmas lolly– pops. Investigation into Gym dances such as the much needed Homecom– ing Semi-Formal may be a possibility thanks to this group of dedicated athletes who have the inner sense of school tradition. Each Varsity team on campus must send one representative to the Tuesday meetings. Three absences in a row permits the Board to freeze that teams budget. Other duties of the Athletic Board






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