Men's And Women's Cross Country Mercedes Kirk Karen Frain MaryAnn Connelly, Caroline Carr, Karen Sliwinski. Sue Keller, George Baker, Doug Samuels, S~ve ~Ora, s~) ~~~Sf~d!r~~;sl Andy Smith, Rich O'Marra:Mike Lee, Paul Webster, Gary Willicle, Dave Rei~ers, Grady Anth?ny, Mark Coleman, Dave bb?8 p CO~~ M t:l~ c tt~U~ e! Robert Cathcart, Jerry Manigan, Paul Reali, James Meade, Beth B~rn?ck, Deirdre Mayer, Tern Wall, Shelly Florence, De Ie ernie, a ore I, anI Rai~ord. Ray Skalski, Bernard Mayhew, Mike Steblein, Mary Fralloh.

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meets, the women won almost every invitational they entered. Led by freshman Karen Frain, who piled victory upon victory, the women made use of incredible personal cohesion and spirit in a perfect example of teamwork and dedication. In the end,however, when the scores are long forgotten, it will be the people and the places and the incidents that will be remembered: Whispering Pines weekend ... Olean, The Godfather ... Tank-and- Tummy ... Delaware Park ... City Hall run ... the Marina run ... the ridge ... mother ... MOTHER! ... puddle day ... Niagara Falls gorge ... "Ooohhh, it's Karen Sliwinski!" ... sprinter's delights ... Umphilius : .. GABEL'S! ... King Wah's ... Mary Ann's . . . Dave Broad's Best

The first cross country practice of the season, at the Whispering Pines College Camp in"August 1981, colorful Bengal coach Dave Broad said he expected - and demanded - two things from his harriers. He insisted that his team enjoy the success they deserved, and he was adamant that in the process, he and his team should have a great time. They did both. The men's team utilized 10 top runners who shifted and twisted in bringing forth a different five scorers for almost every race. The men ~nished 7-0 in dual meets, place well In several invitationals, and capped the season with a 14th place finish in the state championships. The women I:arriers excelled in their first ye~ of varsity competition. Also undefeated in dual

Marathon .. . Of course, the team will especially remember the people that made it all possible. The people, a close-knit group of wild, insane, dancing fools, that made it so great: Coach Dave Broad, Grady Anthony, Beth Barnack, Sam Mansfield Brooks, Carolyn Carr, Robert Cathcart, Mark "Boonie" Coleman, MaryAnn Connelly, Shelly Florence, Mary Fraioli, Karen Frain, Kenny Holmes, Sue Keller, Mercedes Kirk, Mike Lee, Steve Loga, Chris McAuliffe, James Meade, Matt Moretti, Rich O'Mara, Debbie Pernick, Tony Rainford, Paul Reali, Dave Reimers, Doug Samuels, Karen Swiwinski, Andy Smith, Mike Steblien, Paul Webster, Terri Wahl, Gary Willick. Go Team rah! Be there or be jello!

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