The first meeting of facu lty and staff this fall was distinguished by special 50th anniversary ceremo– nies in celebration of Buffa lo State's move to the Elmwood Ave– nue campus in 1931. There was an academic procession of the college 'O ffi cers and senior faculty and ~taff - those with 25 or more years of service - to open the ce remonies at 3 p.m., Wednesday,. September 2, 1981 , in Upton Hall audi torium. Following the auditorium pro– gram, a time capsule containing co llege publications, (the Elms 1981 Yearbook and the 1981 Sum– mer Orientat ion issue of The Re– cord ) Buffalo newspapers, photo– graphs, messages from Buffa lo Mayor James D. Griffin and Erie County Executive Edward J. Rut– kowski, and other mementos of 1981 were buried in front of the Upton Hall.

(L. to R.) Dr. Barbara R. Frey. Vice-President of Academic Affairs; Dr. William Licata, Vice-President of Administration; Dr. James A. Gold, Vice-President of Student Affairs.

(L. Lo R.) Dr. A. Gene Steffen, Director of Instructional Resources; Mr. Charles C. Blaime, Chairman of College Council; D. Bruce Johnstone, President; Dr. David A. Cappiello, Professor of Industrial Arts F.ducation.

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Mrs. John R. Campbell, member of the Board of Directors of Buffalo State College Foundation Inc.

D. Bruce Johnstone, President.


Capsule/ 15

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