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Constantly Forward. , . "The expansion of the College from a registration of two hundred seventy-five in 1919 to one thousand, one hundred and fifty in 1930, and a relative increase in the number of faculty, marks the amazing growth in the services of the College. A director of training and two associates, in– creasing the practice of teaching fa– cilities' a department for the training of elementary principals, two new salary schedules, recognition of the degree of the College by several of the larger universities, and the ap– pointment of a Dean Committee are but a few other splendid develop– ments that took place on the Jersey Street campus during this period." -1931 Elms Yearbook When Buffalo State College moved to its present Elmwood Ave– nue location, it reflected an u~der ­ standing of the needs of an increas– ing student body and administra– tion. In keeping with the reputation it established for growth and expan– sion at its previous residence, the College continued to mature and gradually stretch out its collegiate limbs since its 1931 relocation. In 1973, the college was presented with a new administration building. It houses not only the President of the College, the Registrar, and the Bursar, but also the Office of Special Programs, which promotes study in foreign countries, Placement Ser– vices, which counsels students about employment after graduation, and the College News Service, which keeps people informed about current events and happenings concerning the Buffalo State campus. In all, the administration has ex– panded and grown along with the students, and hopefully will continue to change with the students' needs, for they are the future , and will keep Buffalo State College going for an– other 50 years.

\ The Public Affairs Office The College's Link with the Community

'The college's chief agency of communication is responsible for: -Preparing official publications, student recruitment, and the College Bulletin. -Arranging ~ommencements, inaugarations, and other major events such as the celebra– tion of the 50th anniversary of the Elmwood Avenue campus. -The staff also helps develop and imple– ment policies that assure high standards and consistency in the character presented to the community.

GLENN R. NELLIS Adviser to the President

JOYCE E. FINK Director of Public Affairs

JOYCE E. FINK Dirctor bf Public Affairs

MARY LIB MYERS Director of College News Service

And so, to the benefit of the Buffalo com– munity and the Bengal citizenry, the Public Affairs staff continues to steadily crank out their articles and Buff State publicity, quietly, but dependably.

MARY LIB MYERS Director of College News Service

166IPublic Affairs

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