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Assassins enacted scenes of fear and tragedy on the world stage in 1981. President Reagan and Pope John Paul II survived the attempts on theirlives; Egyp– tian President Sadat's death heightened tensions in the Mid-East*.

building visually, setting the mood of a college campus to the outside world. It has become an architectural logo for the school. Unfortunately, since the mid 60's, it hasn't been real– ly complete. In 1931, chimes were in– stalled in the tower and they began ringing on Friday, March 27 of that year to mark the opening of an Inter– collegiate Student Conference. There were four bells in the tower; each struck a note from the major scale, C, D, E, and G. The bells rang every quarter hour. First four notes were struck; then eight on the half hour; 12 on the third quarter; and 16

follows is a sampling of those little changes through the years, taken from the commencement programs: 1879/80 Buffalo Normal School \ 1887/88 - 1926/27 State Normal and Training School 1927128 - 1945/46 State Teachers College at Buffalo 1946/47 - 1949/50 New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo 1950/51 SUNY, New York State College for Teachers 1951/52 - 1958/59 State University College for Teachers at Buffalo 1959/60 - 1960/61 State University College of Education at Buffalo 1961/62 - 1982 State University College at Buffalo SO, remember, don't get flustered if you don't know the real name of the college, everybody will generally understand which school it is you're talking about. What is important is that you keep up-to-date on the cur– rent events that are transpiring in our collegiate community; and you can do that by reading The Record, official newspaper of "Buffalo State College" . • Man encountered space on a num– ber of occasions during 1981. The space shuttle Columbia got off the ground twice . Although the shuttle had been plagued with delays, and its second flight was shortened because of a technical malfunction, the spacecraft appears to be an absolute– ly exhilarating success. We were also treated to more "up close" views of Saturn during the summer. • Rockwell Hall is an impressive

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"A voice that in the distance far away

Awakens the slumbering ages." The C bell was donated by the Elms Yearbook staff of 1931. Miss Dorothy Ralph, editor-in-chief ofthe 1930 Elms composed the inscription on the bell which reads: The Elms, 1912-1930 "In you have we welded cant. on pg. 32

Physical brutality amongst college couples was on the increase in '81; witness Luciana Pautz's savage arboreal attack on Todd Fargo.

notes that played an air by Handel on t he hour. The large bell that strikes the G use to hang in the old school building (now Gro ver Cleveland High School) . It was the gift of Mrs. Rob– ert Livingston Fryer, in honor of her hus~and, who for many years was preSIdent of the Board of Managers. :r'he graduating class of 1930 sup, phed the bell striking the E note. It bears the inscription: "Presented by t he class of 1930 '~ . -

In the '80's, the public dropped cubes of Rubik and freaked out on multi-hued non– juxtaposition.

D' lane Moran waits breathlessly for her soap to work her into a lather.

An evening of thrills and romance Of intense moral decisions appears to be Terry Kimmel's dilemma outside the Boulevard Mall Cinemas.

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;fhot 2 os taken from the covers of the following Time maga:ines:April13, ay 5, October 19, 1981.

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