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uffalo and Vicinity

"The Restaurant Scene" by George Segal, a unique three.dimensional work outside the Federal Building.

what a charming couple!

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mod~n art in the country. Take it from Vincent Price. Do you like to eat? There are pizza places, taco and burrito joints, chick– en wing establishments, cookie com– panies, and even a place with foot– long egg rolls strewn about the city ... there's a lot to do in a city that has the same name as any of several wild oxen . . '. and its outskirts. Do you enjoy natu– ral wonders? You're free to visit Ni– agara Falls, during the summer and during the eerie, unearthly winter. There's a theater district, too, for those individuals who love to watch live performances. Plus, there's the great outdoorsy qualities of Artpark in Lewiston. Do you just like the city life? Buffalo started their venture into rapid transit in '79. If all goes according to schedule, we'll be seeing a pedestrian mall and an above ground subway in downtown by July 4, 1984. The rest of the main trunk, extending from the Memorial Aud to the UB campus at Main and Bailey, shou ld he completed in the spring of '85. Are you into sports? Watching sports? You have a variety of profes– sional teams to choose from here. There are the top notch, swiftly skat– ing Buffalo Sabres of the NHL; the young Buffalo Stallions of the young, fast-paced Major Indoor Soccer League; the contending Buffalo Bills (Right) Makin' tracks for Buflalo - While still under construction, the main trunk of BuITa- . la's future subway system resembles an ugly scar running lengthwise along downtown Main St. However, by July 4, 1984, it will be a far more attractive pedestrian mall featuring above ground rapid transit. (Opposite, bottom) Buffalo hex– ercised its support of the Buffalo Bills with a "voodoo charm" in 1981. This billboard overlooked the Scajaquada Expressway and was slightly al– tered prior to each home game during the season to fit that week's opponent; in this case, the Cleveland Browns. of the exciting, unpredictable NFL; and the Bisons, a farm team for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball club. Do you like to talk proud? Do you love to strut around at a 45 degree

This gorgeous mural located at WiJliam and Krettner both communicates a posi– tive message and improves the local surroundings.

Buffalo City Hall and the McKinley Monument.


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ISDN! The Browns Are Battered!

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