The Rituals of Tension and Relaxation from Day to Night

house plant. Another day of waking up for classes. Another day of chicken tex– tiles. Would it ever end? The majority of students at Buffa– lo State are commuters: the bus tak– ers, the walkers, riders, drivers. The rest live on campus, in the various dormitories on the grounds. And all of them face the daily task of surviv– ing the morning. The morning! The school day morning. It can be pretty miserable waking up when you don't want to, having to move about am;! get ready for classes, when morning tempera– tures dictate quarantine to the bed for another good two or three hours. The lack of privacy in the dorms as you tidy yourself up appearance– wise, from the self-consciousness of taking a shower, to th,e public display of personal quirks as you brush your teeth. Dealing with traffic on the . Scajaquada and the Kensington.

Diane,Moran sleeps soundly, like a little squirrel in a nest, resting up for the inevitable ap·proach of morning classes.

"Did Jimmy Durante have a nose?" he quickly stuttered in reply. He began to joyously follow her into the kitchen, his heart dancing crazily in his chest. "To think, only this morning I was only a lowly col– lege art student majoring in chicken textiles. Now, I'm with this flimsily garbed Aphrodite who yearns for my loins and craves to keep me happy. It's like a...." The alarm clock detonated next to his head, filling the bedroom with its perfectly irritating peal. He exited the bed by introducing his jaw to the floor, and then proceeded to turn off the relentless alarm after initial at– tempts at shutting off some nearby/

He saw her appear suddenly across th~ room. Slowly she came towards him, staring directly into his eyes, a feline grin creeping across her lips, her body apparently clad in only a large football jersey. He unconscious– ly stopped breathing when she placed her soft hands on either side of his face. Her face was suddenly very close to his. Those gorgeous brown eyes, those sensuous lips. The world was beginning to spin around him. Look, my furniture is sliding about me in a clock-wise direction, he thought. Her beautiful, beautiful lips opened and said, "Care to help me put some TV dinners in the oven?"

Arise! 'Tis anew day! The sunshine beams proudly into this commuter's apartment, sup– plementing the abode's workmanlikeatmo– sphere.

Here is evidence that Buffalo skies aren't always gloomy and fore– boding; sometimes they are bright and misleading.

Getting up real early to be on time for class. Getting up earlier for a parking spot. Getting up. From imagined pleasures and se– curity to the reality of pressure and discomfort and aggravation. Good morning. Yeah, right ... without my TV dinner?

Rick Tarras preIiBres to encounter the dai's activities with his best chin forward, ..

With roughly 80% of the students being commuters. the campus' parking lots are infested with cars shortly after 8 a.m. daily.

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