This is the reason why you paid that tuition. The classes. The re– quired courses. The chance to absorb the knowledge that you need to pro– gress towards your goals in life; accu– mulating bit by bit the facts, the skills, the experience that will pre– par~ you for the real world. You con– stantly encounter the mistakes, illu– sions, and pressures inherent of your major, gradually correcting each de– tail until you are a qualified individ– ual wanted by an ailing world for your talents and education. You have a dream and you want to transform it into reality. This is the way to do it and no obstacles are go– ing to get in your way. Are the prices of textbooks going to trip you up? No sirree! Is all that running from class to class, sprinting across campus like some escaped 100- ny, going to wear you out? Ha! The recurring all-nighters, those night– mares of consciousness, will they de– stroy you? Hardly! Are those dozens of classes you missed going to perma– nently prevent you from completing the arduous task at hand? Surely you jest! What about your instructors? The incoherent schizophrenics? The in– timidating slave drivers? The hope– less ramblers? The ones that seem bent on wearing you down mentally, that give you ulcerous fits; are they going to deter you? No way, Jose, Tom, Dick, and Harry! Will you be able to endure the length of time required to receive your degree? Able to ignore the de– sirable individuals that sit in front of you during class, tangling up your concentration? Able to digest infor-

mation while under the stress of a hangover? Will you survive all this daily trauma? Of course you will! One day you shall emerge victorious from the hal– lowed halls of academia and swagger out into the awful reality of contem– porary life, saying, "Howdy, World! I'm here! Ready to take on your prob– lems and try to set things right! Let me help you!" And you'll be swal– lowed up into the multifaceted cha– os, to be toyed with, mishandled, and pushed around, right until your time has expired. When that moment arrives, then you got problems. Comparatively speaking, your life's a piece of cake right now. But, eating lots of cake can get you sick, too. So, for those times when you need relief from the daily rou– tine, the increasing pressures of study, you can unburden yourself just as soon as the day has arrived at its greatly anticipated conclusion ...

.. . 3) trying to decipher a textbook, like Sandy Michel . ..

.. . 4) engaging in methods of relaxation. , .

Daily options tor the student: 1) sucking up the sinfully delightful pleasures of ice cream along the Elmwood Strip, ..

Some strummin' a la Lenny Squires; therapeutically vigorous ironing demonstrated by.fenny White.


.. . 2) settling down in the quad and reading, studying, or just draping yourself on a bench . ..

. . . 5) exercising collegiate discipline. .

Helene PUner continues to type away; Steve Langsa'hl cheerfully toils over an understated crayon project.

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