Body language in use; odd grammar, huh?

The Buffulo State crowd gathers at-Regan's Backstreet Bar Thursdays and Fridays, succumbing to the atmosphere of dance, romance, and beer.


Smilin' Lou Vinci at work at Mister Goodbar's.

When the watchful eye of the sun closes for the night, ii's time to come out for fun!

Oh, boy! That night life! Time to set aside the heavy books and- the trauma of studying and term paper deadlines_Time to grab oneself up and toss oneself into the maelstrom of hedonistic activity on the Elm– wood Strip and in the city of Buffalo in general. For the uninitiated, it may be difficult to appreciate the charms various joints have to offer:

people crammed together, extremely high decibels of rock and roll or punk or pop/ rock/punk/whatever, lots of standing around on floors sticky from spilt beer, and casual conversa– tions that can only take place through casual screaming_ But there is a fun catharsis to be had in the volume, in the mingling amongst friends and strangers, and that seems to be uniquely youthful. Until we go deaf, nervous, and/or impo– tent, then we'll stay home and read or watch Perry Como.

A group of friends enjoy a cold Ii· bation at Goodbar's before listening to some live jazz.

Regan's Backstreet Bar - only a beer can's toss away from the college.

30/ Into the Neon

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