Games people play.

A moment to relax.

A bite to eat, a word said.

A helping hand.



Five, ten, do I hear fifteen'?

Making shots.

Urn, mushroom, cheese, tomato . ..

Every little thing he does is magic.

PUshing until you get good and ~hen they tell you basketweav– mg is in and you take your bottle of vintage 1978 Perrier and watch Three's Company, Too Close for Comfort and WKRP all i~ one sitting. ~ Wlth this thought in mind we present you with the events in and around scliool.

Do the forces around us direct us! Aren't our attention spans long enough and as a result are we controlled in. spurts, directed by some hidden force (TV). Here we are rolling along trying our best to be good clean whatever's marathoning at our best pace. Sometimes you get tired but it's like running - you keep



Rockwell to New Gym.

Student Union/ 37

36/Student Union

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