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Some 2,500 Hollywood hopefuls auditioned at the BSC College Learning Lab gym this past January for the shooting of a Warner Bros. film in Buffalo. From these appli– cants, some 300 were cast as extras in the film "Best Friends", starring Burt Reynolds & Goldie Hawn. The film is about two Hollywood screen writers who fall in love and decide to marry and to return to their respective hometowns to inform , their parents of the fact. Goldie Hawn's hometown in the movie is Buffalo and a house on Summit Ave. in North Buffalo was picked to be her parents home. Extras were used for scenes that featured cross-country skiing, hockey and snow shoveling so the Buffalo weather provided the perfect setting for this film. Timberiane Films Ltd. filmed in Buffalo from Feb. 15th thru March 15th and those chosen as extras were rubbing shoulders - almost - with Burt & Goldie!

~SStitnFg J?irector Linda Phillips Palo, looks over applicaftions of prospective extras for the movie es nends".

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