Weightlifting & Fitness Club


The primary function of the Buffalo State Weightlifting & Fitness Club is to unite serious weightlifters to share their workout routines, ideas and goals. Members of the Club feel that weightlifting and fitness are two es– sential elements for the health of the student body. The sport of weightlift– ing is one key to both a physically fit body and a fresher, renewed state of mind.


ROW 1, L to R: _Patricia Askloff, Richard Anderson (Vice President), Patricia Matthews (President), Somis Mazzola. John R . Dora. ROW 2, L to R: Lorenzo Moore, Jo Diane Dybowski. Janine Taber, Rich Sparaco, Sharon Loyd. ROW 3, L to R: Michael Samoian, Harry Maxwell, J.D. Way. James A. li'ilipelli, Frank M. Alongi, Jr., John W. Nassivera, Ray Mileski, Selwyn J . Nichol, Mitch Gold, Yaniman Lanny,

ROW 1. L to R: Lynn Clune, Steve Kupski (Public Relations), Roger McClellan (Chairman). Daniel Geiger (Treasurer), Ed Sawyer, Bob Jasinski, Mike RutigJ.iano (Secretary), Ken Lazarus. ROW 2, L to R: Larry Lannen, Ward Ruoff, Mohammed Olemoh, Christofer Nowke. Dr. Stephen Andre (Faculty Advisor), Mark Young, Brian MacDonald. Prasad Ramakrishnan, Mike Estford, Dale Hopter.

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