Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club consists of a group of starry-eyed individuals who are actively involved with the College Observatory and Planetarium. It co– ordinates trips to observatories and planetariums in Rochester, Toronto, and the Buffalo area. It also produces and presents planetarium shows and handles the Public Observing Nights at BufIalo State. This year's activi– ties included a College Camp Week– end, observation at the David Dun– lop Observatory, trips to the McLaughlin Planetarium in Toron– to, and the Strasenburg Planetarium in Rochester, a weekend of observing at the Mees Observatory at Canadai– gua Lake, and the production of "War of the Worlds" in the Buffalo State College Planetarium.

The eanh's lone natural satellite, photographed from Buffalo States very own observatory (left) by Astronomy Club member Frank LaVoie.

Astronomy Club/55

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