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mation and background on the buildings and the prominent citizens associated with our illustrious col– lege, ALBRIGHT HALL - This build– ing, which is located diagonally across the street from the main cam– pus, was named after John Joseph Albright (1848-1931) . Mr, Albright moved to Buffalo in 1883 where he became a giant as a leader and pro– moter of water power generation of electricity, and pushed for its distri– bution throughout New York State, Mr, Albright donated the Albright Art Gallery (now the Albright-Knox Art Gallery) in Delaware Park to the city, which was completed in 1902, at t he cost of more than a million dol– lars, Mr, Albright was known as a fi– nancial genius, a patron of the arts, and a generous donor of public gifts. Albright Hall has a long, if not con– fusing, history. In 1920 it housed the Buffalo Museum of Science, It be– came an art school in 1928, Its name was changed from the Old Elmwood Museum to Clifton Hall in 1929. When it merged with the University of BufIalo in August 1955, its name was altered to Albright HalL The College of Education art department bought the building in 1958, but they left it for Upton Hall in 1963, At pre– sent, Albright Hall is occupied by the music department. BACON HALL - One of the Four original buildings erected on the new campus in 1928, this building was dedicated to the memory of Gertrude M, Bacon, (1866-1937) who served the college for more than fifty years as critic teacher, principal of the School of Practice, head of the critic and methods teachers, superinten– dent of practice teaching and as pro– fessor of elementary education , Bacon Hall, originally the Practice School of the State College for Teachers and later called the Cam– pus School, was well known for the fine work done in observation and practice teaching. The building was dedicated to Gertrude M. Bacon dur– ing the Special Dedication Week in 1963, In 1967, a five-year renovation project began in the halL The build– ing was designed for the use of the Professional Studies Division. BISHOP HALL - This building opened in September, 1959, as the first all-male dormitory established

Vas t hordes of students have passed through the history-steeped halls of the State University College at Buffalo. Their thoughts of the halls and buildings on the campus are usually restricted to, "Yeah, I have a class there and after that class I have only ten minutes to get to a class way over here, and then my oth– er class is ... " Usually, the majority

of the individuals who attend Buffalo State are oblivious of the heritage of the structures themselves or of the benefactors for which they have been dedicated 'to. Therefore, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the State Uni– versity College of Buffalo's residence at 1300 Elmwood Avenue , we shall attempt to bludgeon you with infor-

The original Buffalo Normal SchooL

~ite of the second Normal School, this is now Grover Clel'eland High School. (Photograph courtesy l'rOVer Cleveland High School)

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