USG Judicial Council


The Judicial Council is the judi– ciary branch of the United States Government. The purpose of the Council is to resolve any conflict or arbitrate any dispute between USG and all branches of govern– ment and any organization ofindi– vidual of USG. SEATED, L to R: Lisa Savoca, Wayne E. Burke (Chief Justice). STANDING. L to R: Mark Murtha, Tim McFarland, Barry Sternberg, Mi– chael Schneider.

North Wing Residence Assistants

North Campus Residence Assistants

ROW 1, Custodian Harold Smith, Nance Santulli, Franklin Yu, Marci Segal, Teri Fish, Kenny Jones. ROW 2, Brian Doran, Michael Wiess. • .

ROW 1, L to R Peggy Kaufman, Tammi Reichmeyer, Larry Shapiro, Rita McLaughlin, Karen Oddy. ROW 2, 1.. to R: Allison PoleRzak Terry Polasko, Cathy Orobona, Lisa Heller, Martha Pelcher. Lauren Thomas, Steve Weitzman, Dave Lawrence, Lee Brossoit, Nanci~ Kehoe, Dan NeMoyer. ROW 3, L to R: John Winter, Chris MacMahon, Greg Reynolds, Pal St. Germain, Dawn Giermala, Claudia Hightower, Michael McGiuney, Kim Mick, Dennis Hogan, Eileen Reising, Peter Gallo, Beth Wisniewski, John Verillo, Jean Whitney, Mark Hauge, Cindy- Gilson.

Residence Assistants/65

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