SUCB Archives Center

To ensure that all important archi – val materials are retained and orga– niz~d for use, the following policies and practices are adapted: 1. The State University College at Buffalo Archives is established to serve as a depository for the archi– val and historical materials of this college center. The archives are to be located in the College Library to provide easy access to library facilities and photocopying ser– vices for the convenience of re– searchers. 2. The archivist is appointed to col– lect, .organize, maintain; and ser– vice the SUCB Archives. He is a member of the College Library staff arid is responsible to the Head of Readers' Services and for making periodic reports to him. 3. Provision is made in the College Library budget for personnel as– sistance, supplies, and equipment for the SUCB Archives. 4. The SUCB Archives is a non-cur– rent collection of the following types of materials, as released to the Archives: a. SUCB minutes arid records of the College Board of Trustees. b. SUCB minutes and records of the several faculties and com– mittees of the College, as pub– lished and distributed, c. SUCB official reports, periodic arid special, d. SUCB administrative records including mariagement and

importance to the archival needs of SUCB or reasons associated with their uniqueness, the form in which issued, or the quality of the paper used. 7. Official college records and docu– ments not published nor intended for general distribution are con– sidered confidential and access to them is limited to designated and authorized individuals. Permis– sion to use such materials must be received from the office of origin. 8. An advisory Archives Committee will be appointed by the Presi– dent. This Committee in consul– tation with the Archivist will con– sider what is to be accepted and retained in the Archives collec– tion.

1. Non-college records and papers: materials dealing wholly or in part with SUCB including newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, 6. The following categories of mate– rial will be considered for inclu– sion as manuscripts or special col– lections within the Archives/Spe– cial Collections collection: a. Publications by faculty, b. Publications by alumni, c. Non-College records and pa– pers of interest for historical, literary, social and other seri– ous research. 6. Certain categories of archival ma– terials may eventually be micro– filmed or otherwise reproduced for preservation because of their

Archives, e. SUCB catalogs and bulletins, general and specific, f. SUCB special publications (e. g., self-study, press re– leases), g. SUCB student publications, h. SUCB records of student orga– nizations and activities, i. SUCB pictorial materials, J. Associated materials: 1. Theses, both undergrad– uate and graduate, 2. P ublications with the SUCB imprint, 3. Publications of the SUCB Alumni Association, 4. Records of organizations associated with the College, k. Appropriate alumni material,

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planning, instructional, stu– dent, fiscal, personnel, plant and research records of this college center, as released to

Sister Martin J6seph, SUCB Archivist. is an engag– ing dynamo of energy. as can be witnessed by these photographs -- all taken simultaneously.



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