nutrition and food science, environ– mental and consumer studies, and human development, family, and community relations; and II. Voca– tional Technical Education. These divisions had been housed in Ket– chum Hall previously. The structure is dedicated to Myr– tle Viola Caudell (1878-1963), who served for nineteen years as director of the home economics department of the Normal School and the College of Education, from 1919-1938. CHASE HALL - Once known as South Hall, it was erected at the same time as Cassety Hall, and used as a dormitory. The building was dedicated to Susan Frances Chase, who was born in Shanghai, China, of missionary parents. Miss Chase was a member of the stall of the Buffalo Normal School from 1899 until she retired in 1926. She was noted as a woman of culture, wis– dom, and integrity, teaching the General Elementary curriculum. GROVER CLEVELAND HALL - This administration and student service building is named after Gro– ver Cleveland (1837-1908) who was not only a member of the first Board of Directors (1870) , a lawyer, assis – tant district attorney (1863), and Sheriff of Erie County (1870), he was also the 22nd and 24th President of

in the development of this college. Edward H. Butler served on the Board of Directors from 1902 to 1914. When he died, Edward H. But– ler, Jr. took his place on the board and then Mrs. Bruce R. Wallis, in turn, continued the Butler family's support of the college. CASSETY HALL - The corner– stone for this building was laid in 1949. It was originally North Hall and was the first permanent dormi– tory on campus, replacing Pioneer Hall, a 2-year temporary dorm. In 1963, it was dedicated to the memory of Louise M. Cassety (1873-1931). Miss Cassety was the daughter of Dr. .James M. Cassety; scholar, teach– er and principal of the Buffalo Nor– mal School 1886-1909. She directed the Kindergarten– Primary Training Department from 1922-1927. She also helped advance the education program from a 2-year to a 3-year program. CAUDELL HALL - This build– ing houses two divisions: 1. Caudell Division including home economics,

on campus. It was dedicated in 1963 to the memory of Irving Prescott Bishop (1849-1913), a popular sci– ence teacher. Mr. Bishop was appointed teacher of sciences in the Buffalo State Nor– mal School in 1888, and served in that capacity until December, 1912, wh~n he retired because of illness. Mr. Bishop took a personal inter– est in his students' activities, even donating personal funds to their publication "Normal Thought" to show his support. Because of his con– stant generosity, the pupils dubbed him their "patron saint." Bishop Hall is now used as an of– fice for administration and faculty. EDWARD H. BUTLER LI – BRARY - The library was the first building to be dedicated to a person. It was dedicated May 16, 1952 to the memory of Edward Herbert Butler (1850-1914), who was the founder of tbe Buffalo Evening News and Buf– falo Sunday News. Although dedi– cated to one person, the entire Butler family has played an important role

Jesse Ketchum (1782-1867)

One exuberant unit of the Moving Day Parade to the new campus, January 12, 1931.

First visitors to the State Teachers College, January 12, 1931.

~~ ...JII ~ ·'1 .~. -


Bacon Hall, one of the four ?riginal buildings erected in 1928 on the new campus.

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