ROW 1 (L to R): Edward Falterman, Vice~President Student Life; Michael Glass, Treasurer; Tommie Babbs, President; Anthony Tambasco. Vice– President; Frank Fraboni. ROW 2 (L to R): Peter Lyons, Harold Rosenberg, Kenneth Miller, Andrea Norrito, John Cassbwri. Toni Randolph. Larry Stovall, Theresa McSweeney, John Barry, David Costello, Timothy Moran, Martin Zuffranieri, Laura St. Germain, Kathy Nusbaum, Advisor; Sue Jones, Leb Arrington, Advisor. Missing Members: Greg Prusak, Timothy Daniels, Timothy O'Keefe, Maureen Harrigan, Shaw Peacock, William Troy. Advisor.

The United Students' Govern– ment (USG) seeks to represent the interests of the students of BSC and to encourage their active participa– tion in the campus community. USG sponsors health, educational, inter– collegiate athletic, social and recrea– tional activities funded by approxi– mately $750,000 in student activity fees. USG is made up of 25 senators, 4 executive board members, and 4 vice presidents elected each year at the end of the spring semester. From this body, various committees are formed to deal with issues inside and outside of the organization. It is at this stage where student input is greatly de– pended upon. One of USG's responsibilities is to effectively manage the budget. An– other is to be aware of the needs of students, as well as the needs of funded and non-funded organiza– tions. Finally, the most important as– pect of USG is to give each student the opportunity to participate in ac– tivities that will enhance his or her education.

Executive Board - R


; ...... ' H'I' \ \ ( (t t.\-'I,ASCO TAMBASCO . ~~~C9.

Ever-popular, winsome Michael GIass, USG Trea– surer (caption supplied by Those For a Better Elms Budget).

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~e~ny Jones is constantly working: organizing meetings, Il8rticipating in collegiate events Jawing on the phone ... the list is endless. '



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