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RIGHT: Heing a victim of advanced age, Jim often grins out of context. (hee.hee, snicker), FAR RIGHT: guilt (gilt) n. rOE. gylt,. sin] l. tho fact of having done a wrong or committed an offense 2. a feeling of self.reproach from believing that one has done a wrong 3. what the Elms staff had be· cause we didn't visit our great secretary, Morn Shaffer, in the hospital, or send her a card, or anY– thing\(aI 8o 8" SHEEPISHGRINS (EN MASSE)).

Barbara Ann Hoffman


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LEFT: Hey, Connie' Rod et speaking metaphoric~ll gh s a~ Hammerstein were Mountain," ABOVE- nYb;' en t ey said "Climb Every h~r dazzling smile, ~hil: S:~~~:l New Yor~erite. flashes Tlmexes that decorate h f Yconcealing the stolen et orearm. d


Performing tonight at the Wallpaper men's Convention: The reformed Lenn~n SiS– ters! (Warm-up band: Davy and the Deadlines. Well . . . ("the best laid plans of . d") mice an men... Denny's. Open 24 hours. We never close. You learn from experience. For instance, when yoU have a business lunch (at a place that's always open) or a business dinner (amongst the Daffodils; but, that's much later), you don't get much business done. You eat lots but not much business. However:the great cogs of creativ– ity were set in motion and the book began to slowly piece together. An? not only did the book start to maten– alize, but a new image was st~uck for all the college to see ("Say, It looks real nice, Barb, even with only one coat of paint. But look, somebody walked into the ceiling ... !") ("Well, even though I have to g? to twO classes all this week I thlllk I can , ") schedule some office hours. . . .

Ann takes charge at the newly renovated El



ms ports ommand Center.

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