She thought it would be a joyride, an easy, extracurricular activity she could squeeze into her schedule. But, in reality, it was a prison of chaos and

terror! Would she ever escape the horror that was the "Deadline Asylum"?

(2nd feature: "Blank Page Frenzy")

ROW 1 (L to R); Susan George. Gary Carrel, Carolyn Kuma Deborah Wilson Peter Si rd M L John Klossner, Maurice Materise, Colin Brogan, Bob DiCesare, Joe Politd, Mark cfa'Ug~:", Ji~~~tt~.Page.BarbaraHoffman.ROW2(LtoR):

But, hardship is not perma– nent, and 10, on February 15, their burden was lifted (they still had to sell the furshlugginer things, though). Of course, no one joins an organi– zation just to work. There are lulls, so to speak, between the pressures of time that have made the yearbook experience most enjoyable. No, Terry, that's not a thing that holds water. It's beginning to look a lot like Pittsburgh. Not another picture of Rockwell!! ... Everyday. Depending on how selective your memory is, even the deadlines weren't that bad ... Well, no, I take that back ... Agggreerrkkh! Eberhardt still has the keyl (Barb, you're go– ing to die of spontaneous combus– tion)

Either that, or kill. Thank heaven for Dave Gentile (Dave, you're good people). Although, he may have been the subject of murderous intent for a tiny bit himself. It was definitely an experience, an adventure that tested the staff's endurance, patience, personalities, and individual limits. The memories have loaded up with several past mo– ments and extended passages, both positive and negative; the bright im– ages that are recalled with joy, much like sitting in a room shoulder-deep in ticklish confetti and happy bal– loons, and the darker . recollections that seem to always surface every now and then. With our luck, the darker images will be more vividly recalled, but hopefully, the various anesthestics oftime, sleep, .and drugs will deaden their bitterness. We hope we were able to save a little bit of the past for you.

Why, I have a total disregard for deadlines (if anything, Annie will have her Sports section in on time) . The Elms Yearbook office. Stayed open for 24 hours (the bathrooms didn't, though) (talk about trauma; it was like the end times . . . 666 and all). And as the year continued on ... No one likes to see a person cry, whether they be blonde and thin, or short and bespectacled, or vastly in– between. Of course, that doesn't stop them (especially, when they're blond and thin ("Relax . . . no problem. Im– mense block letters: one per page. That's our solution ... "). Oh, here's the Kleenex). Featuring (the many Connie– fied faces of) Burt; the Amazing Condo man; and the Unbeliev– able Mr. March (it must be a spe– cial effect or something; looks cock– eyed to me).

The RECORD Editor.in-Chiej 8o.D,C..... Exec. News Editor: MARYANNE LEPAOE Assoc. News Editor: MARK GAUGHAN Assoc. News Editor: QARY CARREL Sports Editor: CoLIN BROGAN Features Editor:_ DEIORAH WILSON Assoc. Features Editor: TONI RUIERYO Perspectives Editor: PETER SlOURDSON Advenising Manager: MAURICE MATERISE Busine$$ Manager: CAROLYN CAMPBELL Ad Layout Mimoger: JOE POLITO Bulletin Board Editor: SAAIARA HOFFMAN The RECORD Is the offlcl., sludent tleWlipaper 0' Buffalo 5tJle COlleoe published on Tueldays and Fridays during tile academic year. Editorl.1 policy Is determined by the editors of the RECORD. the RECORD Is ay.llable thrtlugh the mall o!, a aubscripllon baaie of "2 per year. Advertla.: Ino r.tee will be furnished upon reQuAst. M.lllng I'ddre8e: Th6 RECORD, Cas.ety 103, 1300 Elmwood Avenue Buf. 'aio. NY 14222. Republlc'"on of any mstter I~ the RECORD without the exprasa wrillen permlulon of the RECORD editor·lft-chief i•• !rIClly forbidden. Copy Editor: SUSAN GEORGE Copy Editor: CAAOLYN KUMA Photo Editor: JIM PIEROTTI Graphics Editor: JOHN KLOSSNER

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