Altitude Physical Therapy - April 2020

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APRIL 2020


with us, doing a daily pushup contest virtually with coworkers, or turning to online workouts for a bit. With all the fear and anxiety going around, exercise is a great way to help release the feel-good neurotransmitters that your body naturally produces. Yes, some of the same remedies found in a medicine cabinet exist in our own bodies, and exercise helps release them. Exercise helps improve our mood and avoid depression while providing the benefits of an improved immune system from being in better shape. On a personal note, I’m feeling the same as you probably are: stressed out about what lies ahead in the near future, disappointed that I wasn't able to go somewhere with my family for spring break, discouraged that the Race to Robie Creek was canceled, and pretty bummed about not being able to watch sports on TV. Despite all these unexpected changes, I'm working on focusing on the bright side. I'll be able to spend more time

Well, it’s been a bit of an unexpected spring, to say the least. We didn’t expect to go through this season with events being canceled or such drastic changes to our daily lives. Yet, even in discouraging circumstances like this, there are opportunities to connect with one another and build relationships while practicing social distancing. Around our office, we are continuing to stay open to serve our patients and our community. We are monitoring the CDC’s latest recommendations and will continue to stay open as long as they allow. We’re fortunate in that our clinic has plenty of room to provide the appropriate spacing for social distancing recommendations. Our one-on-one treatment sessions help ensure that we avoid large groups within our space. Given the current situation, one of the best things I can recommend as a healthy outlet and distraction is to find ways to stay in motion. Maybe that’s continuing at home with the physical therapy exercises you learned

with my family. I'm looking forward to eating more meals and playing together. I'm also looking forward to being able to share more thoughts, ideas, and feelings with them that will make us stronger as a family. These aren’t just moments that will bring us closer during the unpredictable weeks that lie ahead; they will bring us closer for years to come. As much as possible, I encourage you to focus on what is under your control: the way you approach each minute, each hour, and each day. It’s your choice to look at it with a glass-half- full perspective, and now more than ever, adopting a positive outlook will help you get through the tough times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and know that we’re here for you. Let’s all do what we can to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically.

–Sean Weatherston 1 (208) 454-9839

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