FC1500 & FC1700 Operator Manual | 8.2018


Problem: Cannot hear or detect changes in blower motor speed.


Possible Causes:

• Your motor has bearings so it runs smoothly and quietly.

• Refer to information in the manual on page 13 to understand the operation of the blower motor.


EXTENT OF COVERAGE: This warranty covers any Fire Chief Furnace FC1500 and FC1700 sold in the United States and Canada. This warranty is void if the Fire Chief Furnace is not installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual and local codes. Warranty is also null and void if the unit is used to burn materials for which the unit is not certified by the EPA. This warranty applies to the original purchaser/owner of the Fire Chief Furnace and is not transferable. Replacement or repair parts are warrantied for the remaining period of the original warranty. All warranty claims must include: • Date of purchase • Model and serial number • Proof of purchase (dated invoice, bill of sale, cancelled check, or payment record) • The name / address of the store from which you purchased the furnace Fire Chief Industries warranties the firebox and cast iron grates to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the liftetime of the original purchaser. Intentional misuse or abuse causing burn through of the cast iron components voids all warranties. Over firing the furnace will cause the front face to crack and is not covered by the warranty. Furthermore, some cosmetic deterioration can be expected as the result of normal operation, therefore the physical appearance is not guaranteed to remain unchanged. The manufacturer warranties all electrical components for 1 year and the blower motor for 2 years. Please be advised that the firebrick and door gaskets are excluded from this warranty. In order to exercise the aforementioned warranty, a certified professional must determine the appliance/part to be defective. He or she must submit a written statement to Fire Chief Industries detailing an assessment of the problem. This assessment MUST be accompanied by substantiating proof of purchase (dated invoice, bill of sale, cancelled check, or payment record), model and serial number. Fire Chief Industries will then authorize repair or replacement as appropriate to the submitted claim. Fire Chief Industries will not honor expenses incurred from any action that was not expressly consented to in writing. The owner is hereby notified that he or she will be obligated to assume liability for removal, reinstallation, shipping, and labor costs involved in servicing/repairing or replacing the part or unit. The merchandise in question must be shipped via PREPAID FREIGHT to Fire Chief Industries. Fire Chief Industries will return the repaired or replacement part to the purchaser on a FREIGHT COLLECT basis. This warranty will be rendered null and void if this part/unit exhibits symptoms of obvious over-firing, deliberate abuse or negligence, improper installation, or is used for commercial purposes. Finally, Fire Chief Industries will not be responsible for any claim not stated in our warranty nor does any implied warranty extend beyond the limits stated above. Please contact Fire Chief Industries with all pertinent information including daytime phone number and detailed description of the type of problem you are having. Fire Chief Industries technical service personnel will contact you as soon as possible. Call 1-800-875-4788 or mail information to: Fire Chief Industries, 10950 Linpage Place, Saint Louis, MO 63132.


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